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Gigs 4 U has the largest selection of our area's top musicians and artists representing every genre and style of live music. Visit our artist profiles or search by the genres below.   View more -->

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Our musicians are playing at events and venues throughout the Northwest. See where our artists are performing, the latest pictures, and follow our events blog to stay up to date.  View more -->


Our blog provides information, resources and advice for musicians, artist and the public about the music industry, hiring artists and getting a gig by industry experts.  View more -->

Word On The Street

“Friends partnered with Gigs4U to bring music to Westlake and McGraw Parks this summer with amazing results. Gigs4U provides talented local musicians and professional service for a very competitive price. Ed is great at pairing musicians with our events and develops creative ideas for programming public spaces. Love being part of bringing music to the parks and good gigs to musicians.”

Heidi Hughs Friends Of Waterfront Seattle

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Friends of Waterfront Seattle

“I love that I live in a city that provides a variety of ways for musicians to make a living. I can honestly say that Gigs4U’s contributions are a main reason I am able to sustain a living doing what I love. The connections and opportunities I have gotten from Ed and Ramona have really helped me and my career.  I expect great things from this new organization.” 

Jessica Lynne Musician

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What Gigs4U Does for its Clients

For the Puget Sound region, Gigs4U  is a live entertainment business that makes it very easy and affordable to present live music almost anywhere. There is really nobody else in the market who can provide the largest selection of our areas top musicians representing every genre and style of live music. Additionally, we also provide a gig manager to supervise each gig, no matter how small or large the event. As a result, our clients can present top-notch live music and Gigs4U  is there to make sure everything sounds and looks good.   View more -->

What Gigs4U does for Musicians

For Northwest musicians and performing artists, Gigs4U  is a live entertainment business that helps performers get live gigs. No one in the Puget Sound area can offer performers such a variety of live gigs such as busking, public events, parties and corporate gigs. As a result, our musicians and artists perform more before live audiences, they perform more often, and Gigs4U  is there to make sure our artists look good, sound great and get paid without all the hassles.     View more -->

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